A poem on beauty

Maison Novague is a new brand with an international spirit. This is just the beginning of our journey and we warmly welcome you to join our exciting world of beauty and sensuality. We are accompanied along the way by unique women like Meryem Uzerli, who embodies the elegance of our brand. Our haute couture is made exclusively on request and is the heart of our house.

Our promise

We only use materials of exceptionally high quality. Our garments and accessories are handmade in renowned tailor shops and all fabrics are selected with great care by founder Fariba Pourkhajani. They are collected in different places around the world.




Born in Iran, based in Germany and UK, traveling was always an important part of her life. Maison Novague is the next step and probably Fariba's greatest journey of all.

At a very young age founder and fashion designer Fariba P. discovered her sense of visual harmony and dissonance, and felt a fascination for fashion, materials and beauty. She is known for her sensitive eye, always with a critical view and fine observance. She has traveled to some of the most exciting and unusual places all over the world. Over the years she has experienced many different cultures and spent her life always in motion between Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Miami, L.A. and New York. These multi-cultural influences and inspirations, her personal ambition, and high demand on herself, are reflected in her creative work.